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Welcome to Project Access, Pumford Construction’s web-based file sharing system for owners, subcontractors, and project managers. Owners can create an account profile to login and download time schedules, progress meeting minutes, on-going photos, as well as gain access to large amounts of detailed information on their project(s). Subcontractors can utilize this site to view projects out for bid and receive electronic plans without ever stepping foot into our office. Project Managers can log in, upload documents, and maintain security controls over who has access to each project on the site. To begin using this tool, please click on the “Create Account” link above. If you have already created an account, please use the Log In section to the right. If you need help, please send an email to Pumford and someone will get back with you shortly.

Disclaimer: This system is for the sole use by Pumford Construction and invited Subcontractors.  Redistribution and sharing of all project documents and files is prohibited unless written permission is given for each individual project.